adidas X99.1 Set For Release?

adidas X99.1 Lightweight Boot

Earlier this week, the upcoming adidas X99.1 dropped right across adidas international retail sites (UK and NZ specifically) before quickly being taken down. It gave eagle-eyed followers the opportunity to catch a sneak peek at two upcoming colorways in the ultra lightweight boots series. One in a white, the other in a baby blue, both weighing in at an extraordinary 99g, or 3.5oz.

It was back in 2016 when adidas originally introduced us the 99g, dropping just 299 pairs of the limited edition boot. This latest release will also follow the limited collection mantra, but with more pairs available worldwide.

At around half the weight of a regular boot, the adizero 99g boot featured a 1mm polyamide outsole, designed to reduce weight whilst maintaining the rigidity to perform at the highest level, and advanced lightweight one-layer PU mesh-based upper material. The boot also features a skeleton inner-construction to maintain stability and support, whilst a unique stud layout ensures fastest possible movements in all directions. We expect much of this same from the X99.1.

Stay tuned for more details and images once they get closer to release.

adidas X99.1 Upper

adidas X99.1 Soleplate

adidas X99.1 Heel

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